Bound For Canada

Thursday, March 9th, 2023, at 7 pm, at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto

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Bound For Canada is a night of gratitude and acknowledgement for the compassionate and brave people who received and helped the thousands of Irish Famine Migrants who landed in Canada 175 years ago.

Steamships filled with men, women and children were laden to capacity with passengers exhausted and sick from Typhus from their weeks-long journey. They would fill most of Canada's major cities, and stretch its humanitarian capacities to their limits.

The musical piece, created exclusively for Canada Ireland Foundation, also celebrates the compassion of Canadians, both settler and Indigenous, who welcomed and gave comfort to those who arrived after crossing an ocean, traversing eastern Canada and arriving at Dr. Reese’s Wharf in Toronto to start a new chapter.

The music composed by renowned Odhrán Ó Casaide is a ‘Thank You Letter’ to all those who put humanity above all during difficult times.

Featured Musicians

Odhrán Ó Casaide, composer and violin

Sibéal Ní Chasaide, vocal soloist

Mathilde de Jenlis (violin), Michael Nielsen (guitar), Maitiú Ó Casaide (uilleann pipes), Lee Harding (tenor), Niamh O Hanlon (soprano)

The Irish Garda Band

The North York Concert Orchestra

The Toronto Choral Society


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