Canada Ireland Foundation (CIF) celebrates and commemorates the story of the Irish in Canada.
Founded in 1997, our mission is to create and maintain commemorative public spaces, provide opportunities ‎for artists from both nations to travel to each other's countries, and facilitate cultural exchange.  The Foundation engages academics to produce unique research on the history and contribution of Irish migrants, along with their descendants to Canada, and hosts various events to celebrate with our constituents the role of the Irish in Canada and Canada’s influence in Irish affairs.
Ireland Park, opened by the Foundation in 2007, is the principal memorial to the Irish Famine experience in Toronto. It is a bridge from the past to the future. It is a bridge that links two nations and two cities. It is the story of a destitute people overcoming unimaginable hardship and suffering. It speaks to the kindness and generosity of Canadians—traits which are as consistent now as in 1847.