The Canada Symphony

Saturday, November 5, 2022, at 8pm, at Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto

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The Canada Symphony is a night of gratitude and acknowledgement for the compassionate and brave people who received and helped the thousands of Irish Famine Migrants who landed at Reese’s Wharf 175 years ago.
In a time when the settlement of Toronto had no more than 20 thousand people, 38 thousand Irish Migrants arrived on the city’s shores in 1847. Steamships filled with men, women and children were filled to capacity with passengers exhausted and sick from Typhus from their weeks-long journey.
Without the generosity and bravery of Toronto’s residents at the time, some who lost their lives caring for the Migrants, the rich history shared between Canada and Ireland might not exist today.
The music composed by Odhrán Ó Casaide, is a ‘Thank You Letter’ to all those who put humanity above all during difficult times